What is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter? ?>

What is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

Getting AC (Alternating Current) used for small machines can be accomplished using an inverter to convert the generated DC (direct current) power that can be obtained from batteries, wind or solar power.  If you change the voltage of a “pure sine wave inverter curve” that is lower then zero volts, then the DC voltage can be used. The most popular way for this to be done is by making the volts run up and down in a block formation.  The modified sine wave can be used in order to come as close to a pure sine wave as possible.  Basic systems of modified sine wave inverters are fairly quiet.  They can’t detect choppy way and don’t make a noise from any audio equipment and other complex electrical parts.  Older electronics like radios and TV’s will work perfectly on a modified inverter, but more sophisticated equipment will act possessed. (EG: chargers, digital closes an other precise devices).  since pure sine wave invertes run cooler then their modified counterpart, you will be able to get longer life and your devices will not risk the chance of overheating.

This is why pure sine wave inverters are preferred by most electronic devices.  It is simply the best choice with the most flexibility.  For example, if you were to setup a grid-tie system. a pure-sine inverter is ALWAYS mandatory.  You also won’t be able to run that high powered surround sound system in the middle of the forest without one.

Pure Wine Wave Inverter
Cotek Pure Wine Wave Inverter

Even though there is quite a difference in cost between a modified and pure sine device, the choice is simple, will it work good or will it break your stuff?

Most modified sine wave inverters are more cost effective then it’s pure sine wave counter part, so people still buy them for used in simpler installations. But as long as technology continues to advance, the overall cost of pure sine wave inverters keeps decreeing which is making them quite a bit more affordable and my recommended route when purchasing.

Motors will run hotter using up to 70% less energy with a pure sine, then a modified.  That increases the total harmonic distortion within the specs of a modified square inverter.  If sounds is an issue these inverters also buzz quite loudly compared to the pure sine wave inverters and can easily interfere with radios and older cell phones.